Base Conversions

VB Snippet

Convert a number from one base to another base

This routine will convert a string representation of a number from one base to another base e.g. 71 (base 10 ) converts to 107 (base 8).

VB has inbuilt functions hex() and oct(), but if you wanted to play around with other base numbers (2 to 20), try this. It can easily be adapted for larger base numbers.

Try it here, although this is written in vbscript, the routine is the same. Note: the max. value is a long, 2.14 billion

eg 987654321              base 10 to base 16 converts to    3ADE68B1

Click to see versions in    java     vbscript

VB code

Start a new project and add to Form 1
4 x text boxes (text1, text2, text3, text4)
1 x command button (caption = Convert)

Option Explicit
Private Sub Command1_Click()
Text4.Text = convert(Text1.Text, Text2.Text, Text3.Text)
End Sub
Private Function convert(ByVal oldNum As String, _
ByVal base1 As Integer, ByVal base2 As Integer) As String
Dim temp As Long
Dim x As Integer
Dim i As Integer
Dim nextChar As String
Dim convertedNumber As String
Dim chars As String
Dim validPos As Integer
Dim index As Integer

chars = "0123456789ABCDEFGHIJ"                 '//add KLM.....XYZ etc to take base range to 36

If base2 > Len(chars) Then                                  '//ERROR HANDLING
  convert = "invalid base2 number"
  Exit Function
End If

For i = 1 To Len(oldNum)                                  '//ERROR HANDLING
  validPos = InStr(1, chars, Mid$(oldNum, i, 1))
  If validPos = 0 Or validPos > base1 Then
    convert = "error - invalid data detected"
    Exit Function
  End If

On Error Resume Next                                        '//ERROR HANDLING
x = 1
For i = Len(oldNum) To 1 Step -1
  nextChar = Mid$(oldNum, x, 1)
  x = x + 1
  temp = temp + ((InStr(1, chars, nextChar) - 1) * (base1 ^ (i - 1)))
If Err.Number Then
  convert = "number over 2.14 billion"
  Exit Function
End If
On Error GoTo 0

x = 0
Do While temp > base2 ^ x
  x = x + 1

For i = 1 To x
  index = temp \ (base2 ^ (x - i))
  convertedNumber = convertedNumber & Mid$(chars, index + 1, 1)
  temp = temp - index * (base2 ^ (x - i))
convert = convertedNumber
End Function

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